Fixing a Broken Heart

Taken from “UNESCO Teachers Training: Pearticipants must tell their the most of sad story”

Long-long time a go when I was young, when I was narrowed knowledge I had a girl friend. We began in love when we were in the same tournament in martial art but in different team. I could tell you, if my approach to her was very-very perfect, I always phoned her every night, I always attract her by my funny story. It was takes 3 month and at last I had a chance to take date with her and I tell if I love her and she said yes. At that time, I felt I was a happiness boy in the world, my heart go bump, I fly into sky. Time goes by, I passed management of Brawijaya university enrollment test, but I didn’t take it because my girl friend didn’t pass any state university and she took private university and what a fool am I, I left Brawijaya and took the same private university with her to proved my love for her even though she didn’t want me left Brawijaya just for her.  Even we take same university, but different major. She was Industrial management, and I was in Agriculture. I take this major because I like Biology. Time goes by, and we knew each other and the relationship wasn’t so good. She felt bored with relation and she began affair with other men. At first I didn’t realize her affair, because I still believe her. But some people informed me that she had affair. Then I confirmed it with her, and she didn’t admit that. Finally, I caught her with his other boyfriend. Oh boy, what a pity I am! And at the time we broke with no excused. After that I felt guilty, I tried to find my mistakes. I tried handling this complicated heart by filled useful activities, for example learning to build website, and martial art.

Time after time, time goes by, I still can’t forgot her, I still love her, so I asked her to started new relationship, I asked her to give me a chance to fixed the relationship and I already forgive her, and she gave me a chance.  So we started new relationship, and it had works about 5 months, but once again she betrayed me, she had affair with her college mate. When I asked her what my mistakes, she said that my sister interfere our relationship.  I realized our relationship doesn’t work anymore. So we broke again.  I was so sad, I have sacrificed all the things for her, but what I have got was nothing. I tried to concentrate with my college, and filled my time with martial art activities. The results were my GPA increased, and I succeed to be winner in martial art championship. I learned many things with the experience; I developed my self in many fields. I changed sadness become positive energy, because I knew it is useless if I so deep in sadness.  It will destroy my hope, and I still young, I can get what I want if I had ambition and motivation to fix my mistake in the past. I can get better girlfriend, I can get better life that will make me happier.

So after that, I had become an assistant researcher of biotechnology laboratory, I had become lecture assistant in genetics and plant breeding at my faculty. I got scholarship from the university. At the point, I have succeeded with my achievement and I enjoyed it. Thanks to God help me. Now I become better person, better personality, better life, better skill, and better knowledge. I have my own life and I have my lovely wife. Now I try to learn from my mistakes, I love my wife so much and I will take care of her forever. Thank you for listen my story. That’s all folks today.

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