My Sparkling 2012

Well, I think 2011 is one of my favorite year, a challenge year for me, it has been makes me confuse, desperate, but sometimes makes me happy and taft. Another failure that I’ve done but another success that I’ve achieved.

Then finally, the new year 2012 is just around the corner. Now, I can pretend that 2011 never happened and let see what could happen to me in 2012. I hope it good. But as usually, good? bad? who knows?. As a always, I do my new year resolutions. I will look forward to 2012. Even this is just a plan, I hope God giving me His surprise for me to make the 2012 year will be my other favorite year.

Perhaps, this is my 2012 will looks like:


January 1st: This is my first day in 2012. I still laying in my bed after I did Tahajud in the middle of the year’s changing night

January 3rd: The first day of school at 2ndsemester. I get back to school and prepare my classroom.

January 4th: I begin the teach my students.

January 20th: Underworld: Awakening in theaters. My wife and I have to see it.

January 21 – 22: I will go to Pramuka Island, in Jakarta Bay with Arjen, Prima, Rama, (Gibran perhaps) to have a short survey for the next Science Camp in June or July. Looking for the weather condition also if good we go, if not we have to reschedule it.

January 27th: Yeaahh this is my first salary in 2012 :D.


February 5th: Our wedding anniversary, but, as always, my wife and me realize that we always forgot about that. Probably we take dinner in fine place it will be nice.

February 6-18: Oooh no, this week gonna will be my busiest week. Because what? The answer is Al Izhar Olympic 7.

February 17th: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in theaters. My wife and I perhaps consider to see it.

February 22-24: After break from the busiest week, well these days, perhaps I will be the supervising teacher in Biology Practice Exam.


March 12th:My wife’s birthday. Take a dinner of course :D.

March 16th: Woww, my favorite movies when I was teen, 21 Jump Street in theaters, we have to see it.

March 14-21: Probably I have signed as supervising teacher in School Exam.

March 30th: Mid Semester Report yeahhh


April 16-19: Probably I have signed as supervising teacher in National Final Exam.If not then I have free time.


May 6th: My birthday :D, we are gonna watch The Avenger in theater, yeahh.

May 15th: The draft of Biology final exam must be done.

May 18-25: I will be busy, since 2004, I always be signed as the multimedia supervisor in Purnawidya, our School Graduation. I responsible to make a short documentation movie and edited the graduate pictures. Ho ho ho. I really need a hand not disturbing my works at this time.

May 25th: Man in Black III in theaters. Mmmm, perhaps we will see it.


June 2-8: Semester Final Exam.

June 11th: Purnawidya, the School Graduation. I am gonna let my students go to university. Good bye Arjen, Prima, Rama, and others. See you in the future. Do something good in the future. I learn much from you guys :(.

June 11th: School Final Report (probably, see you mates)

June 12-30: Have a nice summer vacation with my wife. I hope there will something GOOD happen here, go to abroad or somewhere places in Indonesia perhaps, or kinda new salary, position, refreshment and environment :D. Amen for that.

June 29th: GI Joe: Retaliation in theaters, perhaps we will watch it.


July 3rd: The Amazing of Spiderman in theaters. We must see it.

July 17th: The first day of Ramadhan. The end of summer vacation. Probably this is my fist day in the new environment.

July 20th: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises in theaters. We must see it.

July 27th: The summer Olympics in London start.


August 3rd: The Bourne Legacy in theaters. Not starred by Mat Dammon, so we probably to watch it.

August 12th: The London Olympic closing ceremony. I hope my country  got many Gold medals in here.

August 19-20: Happy Eid Al Fitri 1433 H. Holiday for a week. Cianjur, here we come.


September 1st: Consider to take TOEFL or IELTS, I would like to get  a scholarship abroad.

September 9-20: National Sports Olympic (PON) in Riau, Sumatera.

September 14th: Resident Evil: Retribution in theaters. Mmm are we gonna see it? Dunno.


October 5th: Taken 2 in theaters. We have to see it. The setting was took in Istanbul, Turkiye.

October 26th: Happy Eid Al Adha 1433 H.


November 13th: A total solar eclipse. For this eclipse totality will be visible from northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean. Indonesian had no chances to see it, except the live on northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean.

November 15th: 1 Muharram 1434 H, Islamic New Year. This day is my officially new year.

November 26th: 47 Ronin in theaters. A 2012 fantasy-adventure film depicting a fictional account of the 47 Ronin a real-life group of samurai in 18th-century Japan who avenge the murder of their master. This movie stars Keanu Reeves. Probably we will see it.


December 14th: The prequel of Lord of The Ring is back. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. We have to see it.

December 21st: It’s Friday. I have to go to mosque. But, according to Mayan prophecies, this will be the end of the world. It’s wonderful isn’t it, if this day is the end of the world and I at the mosque :D.

December 22nd: Well, I am happy after seeing that the world did not end.

December 29th: In front of my computer, open my blog account and make another plan list about 2013.

Happy New Year 2012 everyone.I hope we are doing fine in 2012. By the way, I have already celebrate my new year in November 26, 2011. Islamic New Year :).

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