My Bright 2013


Hmm, I guess 2012 is one of my happiest year, I can say that it is another easy year for me, even sometime makes me work harder and think cleverly. It seems 2012 ends as I planned in the end of 2011. But before I write further, I would like to review my sparkling 2012.

  • January – March 2012, perhaps were busiest month for me. AO7 makes me can’t sleep well.
  • April 2012, I have experiences to live in the village with my students through PLASA.
  • May 2012, me and my wife were establishes, it is our online shop. <– My wish become true.

  • Juny 2012, me and my wife had a chance to go to the holy land, Mecca and Medina by umra. Alhamdulillah. <– My wish become true
  • July 2012, Science Expedition, an expedition from Jakarta, Pangadaran, Cilacap, Wonosobo, Dieng, Solo, and Yogya.
  • August 2012, Professional Certificate for Teacher Training, a training to get a recent legal teaching license from Government.
  • September – October 2012, compiling my blog into a book “The tales of good hope”
  • November 2012, my book officially published by Indie Pro Publishing. <– My wish become true.

  • December 2012, I officially pass the Professional Certificate for Teacher Training and get the certificate. <– My wish become true.

That was my 2012. But wait, 2 days a go, my best friend, she is my Biology teacher-mate, has passed away. I just still can’t believe that she leave us. I am very sad :(. Well, everything happened has been written by Allah in His destiny book. What can I say?

Then, for a few next days, the new year 2013 is just around the corner. I can’t pretend that 2012 never happened. So many memories, fun, sad moments over there.  Okay, let see what could happen to me in 2013. I always hope the good. But as people say, good? bad? who knows?. As a always, I do my new year resolutions. I will look forward in 2013. Even this is just a plan, I hope Allah giving me His bless for me to make the 2013 year will be my bright and success year. Amin.

Perhaps, this is my 2013 will looks like:


  • January 1st: This is my first day in 2013. I still laying in my bed after I did Tahajud in the middle of the year’s changing night
  • January 3rd: The first day of school at 2ndsemester. I get back to school and begin the teaching.
  • January 13th: My firts day in IELTS preps at UI.
  • January 27th: It’s Friday. Yeaahh this is my first salary in 2013 :D.


  • February 5th: Our wedding anniversary, but, as always we do, my wife and me realize that we always forgot about that. But I will remember from last year. Probably we take dinner in fine place it will be nice.
  • February 14th: A Good Day to Die Hard.
  • A few days on February: Oooh no, its gonna be one of my busiest month. A try out for National Exam, etc.
  • Get A for work assesment.


  • March 29th: GI JOE: Retaliation
  • A few weeks on March: Still gonna be my busiest month. A national exam preps.

MAY 2013

  • May: My birthday :D, we are gonna watch Iron Man 3, Fast and Furious 6, Star Trek: Into Darkness in theater, yeahh.
    IELTS test to get IELTS certificate. I want to take my master and PhD in Europe, someday I will.
  • May 18-25: I will be busy, I has been signed as the School Graduation manager. I am in charge on it.

JUNE 2013

  • June 14th: School Graduation. I am gonna let my students go to university. Good bye guys, see you in the future. Do something good in the future.
  • June 15th: Man of Steel
  • June 16-30: Have a nice summer vacation with my wife. I hope there will something GOOD happen here, go to abroad (Amin for that) or somewhere places in Indonesia perhaps, or kinda new salary, position, refreshment and environment :D.

JULY 2013

  • July 12th: The first day of Ramadhan. The end of summer vacation. I get an excellent IELTS score or get the scholarship. Amin.
  • July 26th: The Wolverine


  • August: Start applying the Europe or USA scolarship.
  • Mid August: Happy Eid Al Fitri 1433 H. Holiday for a week. Surabaya, here we come.


  • Start applying the Europe or USA scolarship. I would like to get a scholarship abroad. Amin.


  • Happy Eid Al Adha 1434 H.


  • 1 Muharram 1434 H, Islamic New Year. This day is my officially new year.
  • November 8th: Thor: The Dark Worlds


  • December 28-29th: In front of my laptop, open my blog account and make another plan or to do list in 2014.

Happy New Year 2013 everyone. I hope we are doing fine in 2013. Amin.

By the way, I have already celebrate my new year in 1 Muharram. My Islamic New Year :).


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4 thoughts on “My Bright 2013

  1. Semoga semua yang ditargetkan bisa tercapai amin…

    • Terima kasih atas doanya ibu. Di penghujung bulan Desember ini saya bersyukur kepada Allah SWT karena Dia telah mengabulkan banyak permohonan saya kepadaNya. Alhamdulilah, sujud syukur kepadaMu ya Allah.

  2. Maulana

    I read some posts of yours.. It was so overwhelming that you have all these experience.. looks to me that you are not only a smart man but also a hard worker.. I hope that you live your resolutions and targets..


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