Membuat Personal Statement yang Hebat (2)

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Berikut adalah personal statement yang telah aku buat untuk melamar program Master of Arts in Globalising Education: Policy and Practice di University of Sheffield, dan Alhamdulillah aku mendapat unconditional offer letter untuk program tersebut.

Personal Statement

I am a Biology teacher with 10 years’ experiences in Al-Izhar Senior High School, a moderate Islamic and International-standard school which has a vision to educate and develop Islamic scholars of International quality. Since 2004, I am a facilitator and member of UNESCO Associated School Project Network Indonesia (ASPNet), an education network of 143 educational institutions in 34 provinces in Indonesia.

I have read the news in Jakarta Post, based on the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Human Development Index (HDI), Indonesian HDI is rated at 124th out of 187 countries surveyed. Indonesia happens to be at the lower ranks of the five of its Associated of South East Asia Nation (ASEAN) counterparts. This low quality of education in Indonesia is concerned to weaken Indonesia’s competitiveness in the world. As an Indonesian citizen, I need to do the best thing that I could to help my country. And as a teacher, I have the obligation to save Indonesian student’s future because it is them who will face the future of the era of globalization.


As it is stated before, I believe the Master of Art programme in Globalising Education: Policy and Practice, hopefully it will help me accomplished my mission to prepare the Indonesian students to face their bright future. By attending myself to this major, hopefully it will increase my knowledge on education and teaching-related skill, especially in the latest knowledge of policy and practice in education in a global context as well as my understanding of the challenges facing the education world of the 21st century. I am well-aware that, in the future, the world has no boundaries geographically any longer. Politic, industry, economic, and technology are growing rapidly, and then influence each other by giving an impact to education policies.

My educational background is Bachelor of Agriculture with a concentration in Agro-biotechnology. However, due to my teaching experiences of 10 years dealing with high school students, I realize that I am destined to become a teacher. When I was in college, my Professor Dr. Sukendah, M.Sc appointed me as her assistant assisting her teaching for the freshman and I was given a job to teach and guide them in tissue culture laboratory practicum. Starting from the experiences given, I have developed my interest in becoming a professional teacher. My qualification in teaching is sharpen by attending The Teacher Training that was held by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture in 2012. I am now officially held a professional teacher certificate.

During my professional experiences as a teacher, I have won many highly competitive schemes. For example, I won the 2nd best practice of UNESCO Associated School Project Network (ASPNet) “Good Practice Development Project in Achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)” in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2009 in Korea. For that, I was invited and awarded a travel grant by Korean National Commission for UNESCO to join their ESD forum in Seoul, Korea to share my experience during the project. In 2010, I was granted a travel scholarship by UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE) in Geneva to attend GigaPan Dialogue Workshop in Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, USA. In 2012, I composed my journal of my inspiring stories of life based on my 10 years experiences working as a professional individual and a teacher entitled “The Tales of Good Hope”. Then, in 2013, Al-Izhar Institution awards me as “The Inspiring Teacher in the Science and Application of Information and Communication Technology in Teaching and Blogging”. These appreciation given comes from my commitment, passion, persistence and perseverance of things that I love to do.

“The Tales of Good Hope”

“The Inspiring Teacher in the Science and Application of Information and Communication Technology in Teaching and Blogging”

I am confident that my experiences of teaching, having a strong motivation, also overseas experiences in International conferences and workshops could help me to succeed in having the Master programme in University of Sheffield, which I believe is the best university in UK that has an international and academic reputation for high quality in teaching and research excellence. Surely, by taking this programme, it will benefit my career as a teacher. I consider myself as the future potential candidate of the school management in Al-Izhar Islamic High School. This programme will enable me to gain more skills in matters relating to strategic policy about the direction of education in my school, in particular, and education policies in Indonesia, in general.

I have made a plan doing the research of finding the connection of the professionalism level of Biology teachers in Indonesia and the factors that influence the professionalism. The professionalism and quality teachers are essential to a successful educational system. The teachers’ professionalism become the major issues in Indonesia due to the majority of Indonesian teachers do not possess the minimum qualifications required by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Ideally, within a high level of teachers’ professionalism, the students’ interest of learning becomes better, so this could bring a positive impact in students learning outcomes.

Completing my study, I will return to my homeland and back to work as a Biology teacher at Al-Izhar Islamic Senior High School, Jakarta, Indonesia. And applying all the knowledge I have gained, while planning to make a scientific presentation about the results of my research in front of the academic community and the teachers in Al-Izhar Islamic High School. My position as a facilitator in UNESCO ASPNet Indonesia enables me to interact with many teachers in Indonesia and spread my knowledge by using the UNESCO ASPNet Indonesia website or its routine activities such as workshop and teacher training as a vehicle of my effort to improve the teachers’ professionalism. I am aiming all the effort that I would like to apply in the education reality it would be for the sake of the quality of education in Indonesia and strengthen the Indonesia’s competitiveness in the era of globalization.

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2 thoughts on “Membuat Personal Statement yang Hebat (2)

  1. Pak.. how to join UNESCO ASPnet. networking is very important for me, as a newbie teacher, I need a lot of knowledge about teaching. Actually I really want to give my contribution for this country through education, And I think we have same mission,yeaah :-), Maybe later I’ll learn more about your study in UK.. and continue my study there…
    #jadi panjang gini komennya.. maaf ya paak..(^_^)v

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